Friday, May 27, 2011

Food for Thought

Forgiveness has always been difficult for me.  It's easier to hold onto the negative feelings associated with the things people have done in the past than even consider forgiving them and moving on.  I think that tendency to hold on causes more damage in the long run, and I'm making an effort to move closer to forgiveness of the wrongs done by a few specific people long ago, though I will never forget them.

Bearing all that in mind, Mr. Donald Miller shares a poignant view of the topic at his blog.

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Rainbow Bekah said...

I would find myself infuriated with people for hurtful things they'd done and then realize..."wait...they are perfectly happy in their lives, while I'm sitting here miserable because of the feelings I'm holding against unfair is THAT?!" and that really changed my perspective on "grudges". I didn't get to check out Donald Miller's post yet, but I will soon! Praying for you!

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