Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The girl is crafty like ice is cold!

Four. Feet.
 I just got back from a wonderful afternoon crafting with three of my favorite people.  While I worked on the neverending crochet shrug (FOUR FEET of the same stitch over and over and over), Rainbow Bekah and Easily Amused Jamie made flowers and hair bands and all manner of cute creations I couldn't make from scratch if my life depended on it (The lovely Miss Mandy spent her time holding the cutest. baby. ever.). 


After my hand went numb from single crocheting an hour of my life away, Bekah took pity on my flowerlessness and showed me how to make a fabric flower clip of my very own.  Not too shabby for a beginner, eh?  Now I'm desperate to go through my fabric scraps and see what flowers I can create.  My girls are eager to help, and I'm sure this will end up being a project for the three of us.
Currently holding a pocketbook, comb, brush, receipts,
hand lotion, sanitizer and one small blue racecar.

The sewing machine is intimidating me less and less, and I have two projects to show for my determination to show it who's boss.  The first is the Amy Butler Birdie Sling.  Since making this one, I've ditched my teensy handbag and embraced the gigantic shopping tote-sized purse I made from the pattern.  Sure, it's huge.  Maybe a little ostentatious.  But boy, can I fit a lot of stuff in it!

The second is a dress I lovingly refer to as Pollyanna's First Mumu (for blogging purposes, I've renamed my children The Professor, Pollyanna and Hit Girl. More on that in another post).  The pattern is for your basic pillowcase dress, of which you can find any variation on the web.  Just google. 

Not to be confused with the
sound a cow makes.

Because she's 7 and taller than the toddlers pillowcase dresses are designed to fit, I let Pollyanna pick out any fabric she wanted off the clearance rack so we could make the dress as long as we wanted. True to form, she chose a very loud flowery rayon type material that resulted in a flowy, parachutey look that she loves.  I'm still forming an opinion on whether I like how it turned out, but being enamored with anything Mama makes, Pollyanna is thrilled and has vowed to wear it as often as I'll let her. 

Obviously, I'm still a fledgling crafter, but each time I make something I feel that much better about my skills.  Maybe someday I'll create my own tutorial or be featured on one of those fantastic craft lists all the creative bloggers make!


Anonymous said...

Way to go!


(Since you wanted me to post here on the blog, here you go. :))

Fern said...

Woo hoo! Thanks Aarthi!

Mandy said...

I'm so proud of you Krystol!

Jamie said...

Wait a minute, Pollyanna is only 7?? No way...I thought she was 9!!
Adorable flower clip. I was thinking Pollyanna, crafty as she is, would love to make those with you.

Fern said...

Thanks Mandy! :)

Pollyanna be 8 next month, but sometimes she seems much older. And I was thinking the same thing! She's way craftier than I am, so maybe she can give me some pointers!

Rainbow Bekah said...

You caught on to flower makin' like a champ! ;0) Now if only I could catch on so easily to crocheting!!

Fern said...

You should try this mammoth shrug I'm making. VERY easy, just time consuming!

Jamie said...

I'm in complete shock. I thought she was 9. For realz. I cannot believe she's 7...that's practically a toddler! lol.

Fern said...

LOL! She will be so pleased to hear she can pass for 9!

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