Friday, February 22, 2013

Just one of those days.

I am frustrated.  It feels lately like a  bunch of little things that usually would just bother me have conspired to work together to create an avalanche of irksome things with the sole purpose of making me feel like I'm going to lose it.
There's the usual day to day stuff that comes with running a household, being a mother, and working often in a public school.  Bothersome, but eh.  I can deal.  But wait!  How about some encounters with frenemies?  Parental drama?  Too-short bangs?  Extra responsibilities?  A PTSO with a membership total of exactly ZERO and a board of officers whose number could fit into a thimble? 
Usually, I can organize a logical plan of attack in my  head and "fix" thing with a methodical approach.  It's not working this time.  What I really need is a giant cup of coffee, a good british miniseries, and an entire day to shut my door against people and frustrations and life.


Starla said...

I hear Downton Abbey is good, but I've never seen it. Hope the feeling passes. I hate those days...

Bekah @Lemons & Snickers said...

I love that "too short bangs" is up there with frenemies!

Brain said...

Both are equally distressing!

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